Saturday, January 21, 2012

Simple Beam Follower Robot

Beam Follower Robot

This is my second post, If you are looking for chassis construction and choosing motors  you can refer my previous post.Similar chassis can be used for building this robot too.I will be explaining a simple method to construct a beam follower robot by using minimum number of components.

Components required are as follows:

2 PRESET's 10K
2 zener diodes 1N4148.

1.The BC547 NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) is designed to operate as the voltage gainer amplifier; this means we operate the BC547 transistor in its linear region.

2.The preset is use to adjust the DC motor speed. The key of using this circuit successfully is dependent on the DC motor choice. 

3.Two motors of 60 rpm each are used and right and left wheels are connected to each of these separately. Two Lars are connected at the front of the chassis.

4.Depending upon the intensity of light flashed on the LDRs,the motors will run at a specific speed. These LDRs are connected to the base of the transistors, the output of which is fed to the DC motors.

The circuit diagram is given below:

The same circuit is used for driving both motors.Two transistors are used in darling ton configuration for higher current gain providing more power for the motors.Depending on the intensity the robot will turn towards a particular direction.

A beam follower robot can also be constructed by using the following circuit, it will be little bit expensive but will provide a high efficiency.

The components required are:

Small DC motors – 2
IC1 74HC240 with base – 1
Photodiodes – 2
0.22uF capacitor – 2 
1K resistor – 1
3mm LED – 1
Small switch PTON/PTOFF – 1
Small prototyping PCB
AAA Cells – 4

Connect the components according to the circuit given and your beam-bot is ready.

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